What a blessing Mrs. Genevieve has been to our son and family. We have an eight year old boy with Aspergers and Sensory Integration who is very high functioning and has very aggressive behavior. Ms. Genevieve started working with him in August of 2010 and from then to now we have a boy who is learning to handle his impulsive behavior.

Last school year he was in the principalís office six times within the first four weeks. This school year he has only been once since the beginning of school. We were very pleased not only on how Mrs. Genevieve worked with our son, but also with how she worked to help our family and the school to get on the same page. Now we all work together to help him be the best that he can be.

Thank you to Mrs. Genevieve, she is a blessing to our family.

League City, TX

Before meeting Mrs. Fentress we had tried many different therapies, including ABA with other companies, and really did not have the success we had with her.  We were at a standstill with our son.  We did not know how to occupy his time at home nor did we know what to do about his erratic behaviors.

With her help, we learned new techniques for handling his odd behaviors and most importantly helping him to be successful in many other life and academic skills that he needs. She helped us to see our son in a whole new light, which helped us to realize that he could accomplish more than what we could see him doing.  She has been a blessing for our family.

Angleton, TX

We have a 12 year girl who was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Like many parents who have a child with special needs, we faced periods in her life when we did not know if her actions were caused by her disability or if it was behavioral problem.  We would receive calls from the school telling us that she was having a bad day and did not follow directions. Additionally, we were unable to go certain places due to her outbursts.

We tried various options and experienced hit and miss results.  Then someone asked us if we ever heard of ABA, and explained how it worked.  That's when we first met Genevieve Fentress. Genevieve made us feel that we were on the right track with our daughter but just needed a little  tweaking in our approach and technique.  Genevieve introduced us to the common mistakes made by parents with kids with special needs; in other words the do's and don'ts when redirecting behavior.

Genevieve showed us that changing behavior was often a battle of wills when directing our daughter to do the things she just did not want to do.  At first we thought it would not work, but to our surprise we noticed a tremendous difference in her behavior. She understood that there were consequences for her negative behavior and rewards for her compliance.  This is something we initially thought that she did not understand, but as we watched Genevieve establish a non-negotiation stance with her, she began accepting the fact that she was not going to get what she wanted until she did as she was instructed. We realized that she did in fact understand expectations, she was just being stubborn and it was a behavior action- not a confusion due to her disability.

To sum it all up Genevieve was a God send. She made life in this house much easier, i.e., no more tears due to feeling overwhelmed, no more feeling helpless when our daughter had meltdowns, no feeling like we were limited to certain places we could go. In addition, Genevieve made herself available to us whenever we needed assistance if a behavior occurred that we had not experience before. Genevieve makes you feel like you are never alone and no problems are too big or too small if you need to contact her for insight.

I would highly recommend Genevieve to anyone experiencing behavior concerns with their kids.

Pearland, TX

I am a single father with five children.  One of those children is a seven year old boy diagnosed with autism.  My son was five years old when Genevieve came into our home.  With her help I was given the tools needed to finally make an impact in my sonís life and have the peace of mind knowing that change and growth are possible for us.  The first few weeks are hard, but stick it out.  My son is now eating vegetables, playing with his brothers and sisters, and initiating communication instead of having meltdowns or withdrawing completely.  I am very pleased with the ABA methods.

Thanks Genevieve.

Alvin, TX

Genevieve has been involved with our family since the very beginning of her career.  She has been an enormous help over the years. It has been a pleasure to watch her mature and grow in her ability to help autistic children be all that they can be.  She has a natural ability to develop ways to help increase/decrease the desired behaviors in our children.  We had a very problematic behavior in our son as he got older and she was amazing in helping us find ways to change this behavior so he could behave in a more appropriate fashion. Gen has helped my son and our family immensely.  Dealing with autism is difficult but when there are people like her to help it makes it so much easier to handle.

Houston, TX

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